MIRIAM HASKELL Flower Drop Pearl Earrings
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MIRIAM HASKELL Flower Drop Pearl Earrings

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Price: $260.00
Manufacturer: Miriam Haskell


At the heart of a Miriam Haskell piece is a filigree base made of stamped brass. These come from France, Germany, and the US. The filigrees are plated separately in signature Russian gold or a specialty finish, then assembled, and then embellished. Vintage filigrees that are difficult to find are often used. Each element is first picked up by hand, depending on the nature of the design, the element, no matter how diminutive, is then threaded, encrusted, or wrapped by hand onto a wire, a chain, or handset into a channel or finding. Its the tight embroidery of the elements-that bares no sign of the base underneath-that is on of the most distinctive features of Miriam Haskell jewelry. *Earring drop measures 1.5".
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