JEST JEWELS Cream Shimmer Shawl Vest
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JEST JEWELS Cream Shimmer Shawl Vest

Product ID: 62180


Price: $48.00
Manufacturer: Jest Jewels


The Cream Shimmer Shawl Vest is by far our favorite seasonal piece! The ultra soft material will keep you warm & cozy, without sacrificing your style. With so many ways to wear it, what will you choose?

* Open front shawl
* 100% Acrylic
* One size fits all
* Perfect for layering
* Shawl measures approx. 52"
* Arm hole measures approx. 12" diameter

Ways to wear:

* Wear it short by putting the shawl on with the seams above the arm holes
* Wear it long by flipping the shawl upside down so that the seams are below the arm holes
* Wear it Shawl Style: Drape the material flat around the shoulders and let it cover your back and arms
* Wear it Vest Style: Gather the material on top of the shoulders around the neck and let the material cascade down the front
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