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DOGEARED Wishbone Stud Earrings
DOGEARED Flat Bar Stud Earrings-Gold
DOGEARED Flat Bar Stud Earrings-Silver
DOGEARED it's the little things Bow Studs
DOGEARED it's the little things Cross Studs
DOGEARED it's the little things Anchor Studs
DOGEARED it's the little things Arrow Studs
DOGEARED it's the little things Infinity Studs
DOGEARED it's the little things Sandollar Studs
DOGEARED I ♥ California Wish Necklace
DOGEARED I ♥ California Wish Necklace-Gold Chain
DOGEARED I ♥ California Wish Necklace-Sterling Chain
DOGEARED I ♥ California Wish Necklace-Silver
DOGEARED Trust Little Lock Necklace
DOGEARED Companionship Little Dog Bone Necklace
DOGEARED Classic Infinity Necklace-Gold Dipped
DOGEARED Small Sideways Cross Gold Necklace
DOGEARED Tried & True Bow Necklace
DOGEARED I Love You Times Infinity Necklace
DOGEARED I Love You To The Moon And Back Necklace
DOGEARED Soulmates Necklace
DOGEARED Karma Rings
DOGEARED Whispers Jewish Star Necklace
DOGEARED Friendship Anchor Necklace
DOGEARED Simple Cross Silver Necklace Black Cord
DOGEARED 3Wishes Stardust Beads
DOGEARED Accomplish Magnificent Things Necklace
DOGEARED Eat Dessert First Cupcake Gold Necklace
DOGEARED 'I Love Mom' Pearl Necklace
DOGEARED 'XO' Sterling Silver Pendant
'XO' Sterling Silver Pendant
DOGEARED Fearless Mantra Gold Necklace
DOGEARED "___+___"= &hearts; <br>
DOGEARED Pearls of Wisdom Necklace
DOGEARED Pearls of Friendship Necklace
DOGEARED Wishbone Bracelet
DOGEARED Elephant Good Luck Wish Necklace
DOGEARED Mind Body and Spirit Wish Necklace
DOGEARED Gold Karma Earrings-Small
DOGEARED Silver Karma Earrings-Small
DOGEARED Gold Karma Earrings-Large
DOGEARED Silver Karma Earrings-Large
DOGEARED Happy Birthday Star Necklace
DOGEARED In Dogs We Trust Necklace
DOGEARED Past Present &Future Necklace
DOGEARED Karma Necklaces
DOGEARED Karma Bracelets
DOGEARED Circle Necklace
DOGEARED Pearls of Love Necklace-Gold
DOGEARED Pearls of Love Necklace-Silver
DOGEARED Pearls of Success Necklace
DOGEARED Wishbone Necklace
DOGEARED Best Friends Necklace
DOGEARED Graduation Wish Necklace
DOGEARED Teacher Wish Necklace
DOGEARED The Sky Is Not The Limit Wish Necklace
DOGEARED Yesterday, today, & forever Wish Necklace
DOGEARED Free Spirit Wish Necklace
DOGEARED Gold Three Wishes
DOGEARED Wish Bone Necklace
DOGEARED Heart Bracelet-Silver
DOGEARED Wishbone Gold Bracelet

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Dogeared Jewels and Gifts have been hand crafted in California for 20 years, when designer Marcia Maizel-Clarke recognized the need for jewelry that speaks. The style is modern and versatile, inspired by California's free spirited, natural beauty. Designs range from subtle classics to eclectic, unexpected statements, all designed in the spirit of love, kindness, and consciousness. Each jewel is handmade in the USA, collectable, and one of a kind.

Dogeared makes the best, affordable, gifts. Their delicate pieces come on caring message cards. Pearls of Love, Wishbone, and Karma necklaces are best sellers. Always a favorite for Jest Jewels Girls.

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